1. Rolling Of The Eyes (Buckner/Langford)
2. Nothing To Show (Langford)
3. Sweet Anybody (Buckner)
4. From Attic to Basement (Langford)
5. Torn Apart (Langford)
6. Stayed (Buckner)
7. The Inca Princess (Buckner/Langford/Rice/Odom)
8. No Tears Tonight (Buckner/Langford)
9. Do You Wanna Go Somewhere? (Buckner)

Recorded at Sally Timms' apartment, Chicago late summer 2002 and mixed with Ken Sluiter at Western Sound Lab except track 9 recorded in Brooklyn, NY and mixed by John Marshall Smith.

All instruments Buckner/Langford with John Rice - mandolin and guitar and digital Willy Goulding on some drum kit.